Li Kör
LiKör is the student choir of the Scandinavian department founded by its students in September 2011. LiKör is the first initiative ever that involves all three Scandinavian languages taught at the department. Besides Scandinavian folk music our choir is also specialised in various hits, festive songs and other funny pieces. Our greatest pleasure is to sing without boundaries, we believe that this joy has to be shared with our audience at all times. The plans for the choir were conceived in the beginning of the spring term 2011, it was nearly unthinkable to see our dream come true at that time. Our doubts were quickly dispelled after our breakthrough on the annual “Luciafest” in 2011. We are truly thankful for all the invitations and requests we get from Scandinavian companies, embassies and various individuals of Scandinavian interest even today. We sincerely hope that our group has set in motion a new tradition which will bring joy to our audience in the future.

We hope to see you at our concerts!

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