The major part of departmental holdings consist of Danish, Norwegian and Swedish works of literature and history of literature, literary studies, or rather linguistic studies. Moreover, it contains Icelandic collection, manuals (dictionaries, encyclopedias), cultural studies, Scandinavian literary and linguistic periodicals.

One part of the holdings is found in the library of German Institution, the other in the department.

One part of the holdings can be read on the spot. If you read on the spot, it is not necessary to enrol in the library and the issues can be requested from the librarian.
To borrow books you need to enrol in the library. Professors and university students in Faculty of Arts, Eötvös Loránd University, can enrol in the library.
PhD students in Scandinavian Studies course can borrow 12 issues at once; other students can borrow 5 issues at once.
PhD students in Scandinavian Studies course have a 6-month deadline, while other students have a 1-month deadline. The borrowing can be renewed once within the same term, but you need to show the borrowed documents to librarians in advance.
You cannot borrow any documents if you do not bring back them by the deadline. In this case, unless you renew the borrowing or bring back the books, you cannot borrow further ones.
The lost or damaged documents have to be replaced by the reader with a new or a second-hand book, or its copy; if you cannot do this, you have to pay its price.