All BA courses

Basic courses:

term 1

BBN-XFI11-101 The history of philosophy
BBN-FLN11-101 Introductory course in linguistics
BBN-FLI11-101 Introductory course in literature
BBN-SKD-101 Danish 1A
BBN-SKN-101 Norwegian 1A
BBN-SKS-101 Swedish 1A
BBN-SKD-102 Danish 1B
BBN-SKN-102 Norwegian 1B
BBN-SKS-102 Swedish 1B
BBN-SKD16-103 Danish 1C
BBN-SKN16-103 Norwegian 1C
BBN-SKS16-103 Swedish 1C
BBN-SKD16-104 Danish 1D
BBN-SKN16-104 Norwegian 1D
BBN-SKS16-104 Swedish 1D
BBN-SKA-141 The history of Scandinavia 1.
BBN-SKA-151 The Scandinavian countries 1.
BBN-SKA16-211 Introduction to the linguistics of Scandinavian languages 1.
BBN-SKA11-301 Introduction to the literatures of Scandinavia 1.

term 2

BBN-GER11-101 Germanic languages and cultures
BBN-SKD16-105 Danish 2A
BBN-SKN16-105 Norwegian 2A
BBN-SKS16-105 Swedish 2A
BBN-SKD16-106 Danish 2B
BBN-SKN16-106 Norwegian 2B
BBN-SKS16-106 Swedish 2B
BBN-SKD16-107 Danish 2C
BBN-SKN16-107 Norwegian 2C
BBN-SKS16-107 Swedish 2C
BBN-SKD16-108 Danish 2D
BBN-SKN16-108 Norwegian 2D
BBN-SKS16-108 Swedish 2D
BBN-SKA-142 The history of Scandinavia 2.
BBN-SKA-152 The Scandinavian countries 2.
BBN-SKA18-212 Introduction to the linguistics of Scandinavian languages 2.
BBN-SKA18-302 Introduction to the literatures of Scandinavia 2.
BBN-SKD18-001 Basic exam (Danish)
BBN-SKN18-001 Basic exam (Norwegian)
BBN-SKS18-001 Basic exam (Swedish)

Advanced courses:

term 3

BBN-SKD16-201 Danish 3A
BBN-SKN16-201 Norwegian 3A
BBN-SKS16-201 Swedish 3A
BBN-SKD16-202 Danish 3B
BBN-SKN16-202 Norwegian 3B
BBN-SKS16-202 Swedish 3B
BBN-SKD16-203 Danish 3C
BBN-SKN16-203 Norwegian 3C
BBN-SKS16-203 Swedish 3C
BBN-SKD16-221 Danish descriptive grammar 1A
BBN-SKN16-221 Norwegian descriptive grammar 1A
BBN-SKS16-221 Swedish descriptive grammar 1A
BBN-SKD16-701 Danish descriptive grammar 1B
BBN-SKN16-701 Norwegian descriptive grammar 1B
BBN-SKS16-701 Swedish descriptive grammar 1B
BBN-SKD16-311 Danish literature 1A
BBN-SKN16-311 Norwegian literature 1A
BBN-SKS16-311 Swedish literature 1A
BBN-SKD16-711 Danish literature 1B
BBN-SKN16-711 Norwegian literature 1B
BBN-SKS16-711 Swedish literature 1B
BBN-SKA11-331 Interscandinavian communication

term 4

BBN-SKD16-204 Danish 4A
BBN-SKN16-204 Norwegian 4A
BBN-SKS16-204 Swedish 4A
BBN-SKD16-205 Danish 4B
BBN-SKN16-205 Norwegian 4B
BBN-SKS16-205 Swedish 4B
BBN-SKD16-206 Danish 4C
BBN-SKN16-206 Norwegian 4C
BBN-SKS16-206 Swedish 4C
BBN-SKD16-222 Danish descriptive grammar 2A
BBN-SKN16-222 Norwegian descriptive grammar 2A
BBN-SKS16-222 Swedish descriptive grammar 2A
BBN-SKD16-702 Danish descriptive grammar 2B
BBN-SKN16-702 Norwegian descriptive grammar 2B
BBN-SKS16-702 Swedish descriptive grammar 2B
BBN-SKD16-312 Danish literature 2A
BBN-SKN16-312 Norwegian literature 2A
BBN-SKS16-312 Swedish literature 2A
BBN-SKD-712 Danish literature 2B
BBN-SKN-712 Norwegian literature 2B
BBN-SKS-712 Swedish literature 2B
BBN-SKA11-341 Scandinavian history of literature and ideas A
BBN-SKA11-721 Scandinavian history of literature and ideas B

term 5

BBN-SKD16-741 Danish 5A
BBN-SKN16-741 Norwegian 5A
BBN-SKS16-741 Swedish 5A
BBN-SKD16-742 Danish 5B
BBN-SKN16-742 Norwegian 5B
BBN-SKS16-742 Swedish 5B
BBN-SKA16-231 The history of Scandinavian languages 1A
BBN-SKA16-731 The history of Scandinavian languages 1B
BBN-SKD16-313 Danish literature 3A
BBN-SKN16-313 Norwegian literature 3A
BBN-SKS16-313 Swedish literature 3A
BBN-SKD16-713 Danish literature 3B
BBN-SKN16-713 Norwegian literature 3B
BBN-SKS16-713 Swedish literature 3B
BBN-SKA11-351 The cultural history of Scandinavia A

term 6

BBN-SKD16-751 Danish 6A
BBN-SKN16-751 Norwegian 6A
BBN-SKS16-751 Swedish 6A
BBN-SKD16-752 Danish 6B
BBN-SKN16-752 Norwegian 6B
BBN-SKS16-752 Swedish 6B
BBN-SKA16-232 The history of Scandinavian languages 2A
BBN-SKA11-732 The history of Scandinavian languages 2B
BBN-SKD16-314 Danish literature 4A
BBN-SKN16-314 Norwegian literature 4A
BBN-SKS16-314 Swedish literature 4A
BBN-SKD16-714 Danish literature 4B
BBN-SKN16-714 Norwegian Literature 4B
BBN-SKS16-714 Swedish literature 4B
BBN-SKA16-361 Old Norse literature and culture A
BBN-SKD-901 Thesis (Danish)
BBN-SKN-901 Thesis (Norwegian)
BBN-SKS-901 Thesis (Swedish)
BBN-SKD-902 Final exam (Danish)
BBN-SKN-902 Final exam (Norwegian)
BBN-SKS-902 Final exam (Swedish)