MA students in Scandinavian Studies gain theoretical and practical knowledge and skills in Scandinavian literatures, languages, culture and history. The Department offers two educational modules:Scandinavian philology (FI) and Culture mediation and translation (KK).

The MA programme in Scandinavian Studies offers a unique approach to language and philology. Our students have the opportunity to gain thorough knowledge in language, literature and cultural studies, as well as in the areas and methods of scientific research. The aim of the MA programme is to provide students a broad theoretical and practical foundation and all the academic skills necessary for postgraduate studies. The Department offers PhD course programmes in literary studies and linquistics.

The applicants to the Programme must have completed
- a bachelor’s degree in Scandinavian Studies at ELTE University, or
- an equivalent degree from another country, or
- an 50-credit programme in Scandinavian Studies